It was a cool sun shiny morning, with gorgeous blue skies above, and a few people enjoying the view and exploring the store fronts in the square. The parking lot only just starting to show signs of life with shaded sidewalks punctuated by gorgeous tall trees on the corners. After I walked further down the sidewalk, it was on the corner. Rounding the corner, along with the pretty colors of flowers still in bloom, there it was, a pretty light green with white trim and hunter green accents, surrounded with trees that had pretty morning sunlight spilling out over them.

Tsh wanted to meet here because it was one of her places to sit and work. Looking at the Sweet Lemon Inn and Kitchen, I understood why she liked this place. I could really be inspired to create here, in this beautifully serene atmosphere, that even had pastries and coffee!

I spotted them and we headed to the counter to order. She was really easy to talk to, sharing the part of her story that inspired “At home in the World: Reflections on Belonging While Wandering the Globe”. What an amazing story, traveling as a whole family for 9 months, through 4 continents with 3 kids, 1 husband, and 5 backpacks… just inspiring! Plus, she would totally do it again… wow!

They ate breakfast, and we chatted a little more. I pulled out the camera to capture her journal and give them time to finish up their food. At this point, the inside dining room of the Sweet Lemon Inn and Kitchen was filling up. I was asked by a very excited group of ladies, “Are you a reporter for the local newspaper?” “I and not but I am taking photos for a magazine publication on the east coast,” I replied. “Oh how exciting!” replied the ladies, “We hope it is successful.” I thanked them and we moved to the outside space.

Meanwhile, I set up to capture some close and environmental portraits of Tsh. Later, I turned to a very nervous and reserved Finn asking, “Are you okay with me taking your photo?” He nodded looking very nervous and I made a funny joke that got me the cutest scrunchy nose smile!

The outside had tables, umbrellas, lots of beautiful green, and it was a warmer at this point. Finn immediately asked permission to run and play which Tsh gave. I got some candid shots of Tsh as she worked outside. At one of my favorite moments of the day, Finn snuck back tapping his mom on her shoulder. As she looked away, he gave her elk ears, I took the picture, and they broke down giggling.

A short walk later, we were at the Georgetown library off the square. We walked into the bustle of little kids and parents crowding around for story time. That scene was accompanied by another of both successful and unsuccessful herding of some costumed little ones by parents and grandparents. That was a hilarious site to behold! Meanwhile, Tsh and Finn picked out books.

We were able to locate a great space for Tsh to write some and Finn to read. They both settled into their places as I took pictures of them reading, writing, and even researching!

We wrapped up our fun filled day in the life session at All Things Kids a store with toys, books, and sweets! You could smell the sweets from the side walk it just permeated the air and drew you in as you walked to the back of the store where there were sweets and ice cream. Finn was giddy almost floating when we got the store eager to share some of his favorite spots and toys. Of course we had to try the ice cream, and yes, it was delicious!

We ended our session Tsh and I eating ice cream and talking some more about our callings. It was such a fun time to be able to share Tsh’s day and learn and be able to share her story with photos!

When you do a lifestyle session, where would you go? What part part of your story would you like to share with the next generation? Contact me to let us brainstorm the perfect session for you!

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  1. Julie Story says:

    This session was perfect!!! Love how effortless it was!! Felt totally like I got to know their loves from the images.. (ICE CREAM LIFE!)

  2. Katie says:

    Love, love, love these images! The shots are great but there are a few that are out of this woooorld and I know she must be so happy to have them!

  3. Amanda says:

    I keep saying one day I’m going to do a day in the life before my kids are too big, this is fantastic!

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