I was out taking photos of mom and dad again…

One of the things I like to do when taking photos of people is get people in environments they love or doing something they love. Two things happen as a result:

  1. They are more comfortable and relaxed as a result of a familiar environment or a place that is comfortable for them
  2. They are in their element so they tend to quickly forget about the camera pointed at them

So how does this relate to mom and dad…

On this particular occasion, my goal was to introduce mom and dad to another nature environment in Austin, TX full of native vegetation, with space to walk around, and also introduce them to what there is to do in Austin.

Well my mission was accomplished and even more. As you probably already know from their last set of photos, my parents are in love ! This time the photos were to capture that connection between them and maybe see if I could get photos of mom laughing so hard she starts crying (yup something only daddy can pull off in a hot minute ).

I got so many photos of mom laugh crying that I had to eliminate some of them. Daddy has a hold to mom’s funny bone and all he has to do string words together and she is a laughing crying mess (so cool to see).

On our tour at Zilker Botanical Gardens, mom was enamored at the care that was taken of the grounds and very impressed at how many hours Austin locals dedicate to protecting and cultivating native plant species. She was so happy to be in such a beautiful place and daddy was ecstatic because mom was having fun and was ever the entertainment for our trip. I do love that where ever they go they always hold hands when they are walking together and they protect each other.

The saying is true parents do get more fun when you take the time to get to know them. Enjoy the photos!

3 Responses to “{mom + dad = zilker tour, Austin, TX lifestyle photographer}”

  1. Erin says:

    Your parents are so adorable! This is such a sweet moment for all y’all to share.

  2. Shelley K. says:

    Such lovely photos…gifted by both a wonderful eye and loving parents.

  3. Mercedes says:

    Love! But then you know I love you and your parents! They had a great time, clearly.

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