I met Julie first and she made up her mind that I would be her photographer.

She said that Mike would like me as much as she did therefore I was going to be their wedding photographer. After I met Mike we had a conversation and it was a fit! Yes, Julie was absolutely right. I am so excited for these two and happy to reminisce on their wedding. It was a small wedding with close friends and family. I was so excited to connect them to vendors they were looking for while they were planning their wedding. It was so fun to watch Julie and Mike individually and together interact with family and friends.

It was so fun to see little ones running around and taking part in the festivities. Mike and Julie had toys set up for the kids that attended to enable them to have fun before and after the ceremony.

There was a ring bearer and flower girl in the wedding party. They stopped the show and created comic relief for the whole wedding party at the procession. First the ring bearer did not realize there would be people in the seats, unlike in the practice run, so when he came out and saw all the people he froze. Thankfully, his parents were able to talk him down the aisle, so he hurried to his parent and sat down. Next the flower girl far from being petrified, she was occupied with making sure the rose petals she carried were distributed evenly. So the bride and her dad had to wait until the rose petals were all laid out correctly 😍😍. Those two kids in the wedding party absolutely rocked and made it a fun wedding!

Again, Mike and Julie only had eyes for each other during their wedding. It was really obvious to all of us that they are in love! Mike has a really knack for keeping Julie laughing. … I wish them all the laughter they will need to grow old together.

Enjoy the photos and reminisce along with me! Oh and do not forget to wish Mike and Julie a Happy Anniversary!

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  1. Mercedes says:

    These are sooo good! Great wedding story!

  2. simi says:

    Thanks Mercedes!

  3. Jessica says:

    She has such a beautiful smile – you caught so many great moments!

  4. simi says:

    Thanks Jessica!

  5. Terri says:

    This is absolutely beautiful friend. You captured every emotion!

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