This little boy literally came bursting forth on the scene.

His mom informed me the morning of his birth that her water had broken, this was earlier than he was expected. We later discovered that his coming when he did was right on time any later and it would have put his life in danger.

I am so excited that his mom wanted me to be present at his birth and that I was able to get the photos you are about to see. Both his mom and dad treasure the photos and have told me as much!

I cannot believe that this little one is already several months old at this point. He is definitely full of personality and the quintessential extrovert even as a baby.

His older brother pictured with candles got a brother for his birthday, how cool is that ;-). Say hi to Grandtham and enjoy the photos!

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4 Responses to “{grand’s birth, Austin, TX, lifestyle photographer}”

  1. Mercedes says:

    Toooooo cute! I looove the one of the proud big brothers with their baby

  2. simi says:

    Thanks Mercedes!

  3. Terri says:

    These are beautiful Simi. What a blessing to have someone like you capturing such an amazing moment for them.

  4. simi says:

    Thanks Terri!

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