I was not sure I would be able to go but I had been waiting for a long while to head to the pursuit 31 conference. I was sooo excited that I would be able to go. It was just like God to provide just at the right time not sooner not later. He is my Father and knew exactly what I needed. He has been faithful even when I was not.

The pursuit 31 conference was another marker, a place holder teaching me of God’s faithfulness. He reiterated through the lips of the speakers that He has been working on, teaching, grooming, and forming me. He has been doing this the way He has done from time past and will until times future. He takes away anything I trust more than Him until all I can do is run back to Him.

I am learning and it is growing in my heart that He is good and that His is perfect and as I follow Him, I become the person that He made me to be. Yup! The conference was about me and God.

The speakers were sent one by one to affirm things that He continues to teach me: Be Yourself, Don’t compare, Make time for listening, Spend time praying, Enjoy and don’t be in such a hurry, Be authentic, and Create what touches your heart! So simple yet not easy in a world that teaches us the opposite.

He is Awesome and Pursuit 31 2014 was proof of it!!!

I wanted so badly to share everything I have been thinking and the words of the speakers from the conference but I am still processing them. The result might be a separate blog where I really start writing and/or story telling what I am learning. Stay tuned… Meanwhile, below are some of the photos I took… this was the best conference of my life so far! I plan on being back next year.

Thank you to our amazing 2014 Pursuit Conference sponsors!

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