She is soo Action Shery for this jump shot where you see her put all herself into hitting that ball.

So today you meet Shery, keep in mind she has never done this before (a photo shoot that is) because Shery looks the part and was amazing to shoot and collaborate with. Why?

Well… before we get to that let me tell you how I know her: she is an amazing friend, a gracious host, and an encourager! I could go on but it would defeat the purpose of wanting to meet her yourself.

Okay back to why she was amazing to collaborate with.

First, she plays tennis and I feel fit just watching her play and the moves, so amazing to see. She is not a professional but I would not know any better because her form looks great. It was a blast watching and capturing her play doubles as she stood, walked, hit the ball, and with great follow through (I am just glad I was not the ball she was hitting because the strokes sounded loud if you know what I mean).

Second, as any girl, she was just plain excited about putting together the outfits for the shoot, mixing, and matching too! Finally, she was willing to try things, which is totally her!

We picked places to shoot, we tried different things, and the photos below are the results of both our brains working together and capturing Shery in her element.

Doesn’t she remind you of Serena in this shot with that stance!

All day long the wind would just pick up and play with Shery’s hair giving her that super model hair effect.

Above to the left was one of my favorite shots of gorgeous Shery! Of course who doesn’t love splashing in the lake on such a pretty day too!

On or off the court Shery we had fun with the shoot!

We spent a little time taking in the lake scenery.

Wrapping it up with some tennis girl shots.

Thanks Shery for your collaboration and being willing to pick outfits, hang out, try things, and just be you for the camera! I hope we had a time you will keep talking about.

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  1. Shery says:

    It was a lot of fun to do the photo shoot. Weather-wise, it was a perfect day too. Thanks so much!

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