“That was soo much fun!” Joce said, “You did not explain to me how much fun that would be!” Granted there was some work involved because we changed locations and she changed outfits but photographing Joce and Shadow to celebrate Joce’s birthday was a real blessing to all involved especially me.

You see I have known Jocelyn (I call her Joce) for a while now and was sooo pleased when she did her portrait session with me to celebrate her birthday. We changed out fits, went to different parts of Austin to take photos, all with Shadow and her friend Andrea in tow! Andrea even commented that she never seen so much fun assisting with having pictures taken.

As you will see Joce and Shadow rocked the camera for Joce’s birthday! Joce’s accessories, hats, and love of all things fashionable just made it that much more fun!

Joce’s exact words: “It was an amazing and unforgettable experience for me, and I know for my little guy. I just had to thank you again for just being you and being such a blessing.” I love what I do and now you know why, thank you Joce for your excitement about and enjoyment of the life style portraiture experience!

If you would like to have the experience along with the photos, schedule a lifestyle session and we can set up some time up!

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