Shooting David and Jennifer was great because I had prayed for their wedding. They were just so fun and laid back!

This was kinda new for me because I hung out shooting the guys side of things a lot… thanks to Mercedes Morgan being the lead I got lotsa pictures of the kissy bride and groom who were just amazing sports! I had a blast shooting it the photos so I hope you have fun looking through them! Oh and there are a lot of photos in this post because they were just so much fun!

Did I mention that the church was across the street from a farm… Mercedes got the photos of the horses while I just played with them!

The tables were just gorgeous to look at!

I did hang out a bit with the girls a little to catch the gorgeous hairstyles…

along with the gorgeous shoes and the details of the dress…

So on the guys side of the house they were all together and David got his wedding gift from his bride… so cool to see his expression…

He definitely enjoys cooking because he cooked on his wedding day and I think it was for Jennifer too!

There were most definitely additional uses for a very sharp knife in the preparation process especially when you did not bring a razor… I had never seen anything like it so I just had to share!

Did I mention that David went to Jared!!

The guys were just standing around, so we took some time to practice and take photos and practice some more!

Finally the bride was ready…

The ceremony took place with the bride and groom never taking their eyes off each other!

I could have sworn that the groom came out of the ceremony floating on air… regardless they were so fun!

And that is when all the kissing started… with a few short breaks in between!

The reception location was Heritage Oaks Clubhouse in the grand ballroom!

They had the most unique cake toppers!

The couple cut the cake and the groom stole his bride away for a bit… to get a short relaxing time at the pool table!

The couple was pretty exuberant about the bouquet and garter toss for very different reason ;-)!

The bride and the bridesmaids came back to rest and chill…

until the groom found his bride and the night ended on a lot of kissing ;-)!

Thanks again to Mercedes Morgan who let me second shoot with her and introduced me to this amazing couple!

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  1. Tiffanie says:

    Good Job Simi!!!!

  2. mercedes says:

    Yay! Well, I knew these would be good 😀

  3. Monica Simone says:

    Beautiful work Simi!

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