Wow, I did it again, I keep starting a blog train of thought and then something happens and I do not blog for a while. Well this time I had a GREAT reason

MY BROTHER IS MARRIED! I have a new sister, I am so excited! It was the best fun I have ever had with my family all together! Of course I took wedding photos but while I plough through those here is the engagement/we are married shoot I did with my brother Ikenna and my new sister Lola. “Prof” (short for professor) is my brother’s nick name and “Lolly” is my sister-in-law’s nickname. Okay enough chat on to the photos!

So they had to get clothes on and straighten up, of course like any newly weds they were within a breath of each other

He helped her get stuff off her face and then she gave him bunny ears

It was hard but I got individual shots of them

Of course there was the obligatory shot of him with his car and check out my gorgeous sister-in-law with her fabulous style

He then followed up with some modeling of his own

Then the shoes met to make this great shoe photo

There was kissing…

… and hugging with smiles …

… and shenanigans …

… then there was marital bliss!

God bless you both Ikenna and Lola! Welcome to the family little sis!

16 Responses to “{prof + lolly = marital bliss – Lagos, Nigeria engagement photographer}”

  1. Nneka Gerstle says:

    Sigh… these are beautiful

  2. Saadia Me'Chel says:

    Love is beautiful! Great job!

  3. simi says:

    Thanks ladies!

  4. Tiffanie says:

    Excellent Job..I love the way you captured their expressions of pure love!

  5. Milagros Figueroa says:

    Simi, love the pictures! Congratulations!

  6. Carl says:

    Very Nice and congratulations to the newlyweds.

  7. omolola oguntuase- shonowo says:

    WwooooW, I am awe struck, i don’t know what else to say, Thank you. these are the most beautiful pics I’ve ever seen. They are so real, it feels as if i am still in the middle of my wedding. Thank you sis i love every bit of it. Thank you.

  8. Ikenna Shonowo says:

    Yes baby!

  9. Kara says:

    Simi, these are gorgeous, and so full of happiness! Great job! That little kiss on the nose is fantastic!

  10. Aleshia says:

    Beautiful Simi! Their love shines thru clearly… I love your detail shots!!

  11. Mercedes says:

    <3! Super love the kiss shots.

  12. Toyin Sokale says:

    Whao. Love the photographs. You really captured the lovely moments.

  13. Renee Davis says:

    Absolutely beautiful! I love the colors.

  14. Molola Oshodi says:

    Congratulations, both of you!! No wonder I kinda didnt see u for a while Lola :). You are both blessed, Omolola & Ikenna.

  15. Tamela says:

    Wonderful work Simi! You can really see the love between them. Your images are lovely.

  16. Chioma says:

    Simi good job!!, the pictures are lovely.

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