I am so excited to announce that I have been accepted as a participating photographer with with an organization called I Picture Hope to provide free portrait sessions and images to women who have battled breast cancer or are currently going through the fight.

I Picture Hope is an international network of professional photographers, makeup artists, and stylists founded by a big dreams, professional photographer with hot pink hair and great big dreams, Camille Neighbors of Camille Denae Photography in Greenville, TX. The goal of I Picture Hope is to offer women fighting or surviving breast cancer a professional photo session, absolutely free! Every client receives files from their session which they are free to print for personal use. There is no attempt to sell anything. “It’s just our way of saying you are so beautiful,” says Camille. “You’re still a woman, no matter what the disease has done to you.”

As an I Picture Hope Affiliate Photographer I am so excited to make a difference in the lives of women fighting or surviving breast cancer. This is a disease that affects us all on some level and I want to use my skill behind the camera to help women see that they are beautiful. This is a cause I’m passionate about and I would love to show you how a free I Picture Hope session can improve the way you feel, the way you think and the way you fight breast cancer.

Look below for more information how I Picture hope (IPH) sessions work.


Session Guidelines:
1. IPH sessions are for any woman who has ever been diagnosed with breast cancer, whether they are currently fighting or they are a breast cancer survivor.

2. These sessions are to be completely FREE. There is NEVER to be any charge for anything related to the IPH session. This is a gift, not an opportunity for sales.

3. By providing an IPH session, the client is given 10 edited/print-ready digital images with written permission to make personal prints.

4. All clients will receive the VIP treatment from beginning to end.

5. All clients will be asked to sign a model release to help inspire other women. This means their images might show up on this blog/website/Facebook, but not limited to these online platforms. They are always photos you would be proud to display. The model release also has the option for clients to share their story and images on IPH’s promotional platforms such as website, blog, and also not limited to online platforms. More information can be read in the actual model release.

6. The idea behind the IPH session is to help women see that they are beautiful. For that reason, the session will be a beauty/fashion session celebrating her, and not morph into a family session that could end up taking a lot more time.

7. The client will receive their images within 14 days/2 weeks after their session.

8. In order to keep these sessions from becoming a burden taking up the month of October every year, IPH sessions will be available year round.


What if I know someone who had/has another form of cancer?

I Picture Hope focuses on breast cancer, not because it is the only worthy cause, but because in the organization’s mind it most threatens a woman’s sense of beauty and femininity. It is case by case if a participating photographer is able to accommodate other requests.

Is makeup included?
The IPH network includes participating makeup artists, so I will try my hardest to secure a talented makeup artist for every IPH session.

What if I want something more than digital images? Like a canvas gallery wrap?
Additional products are available for purchase, but they are by request only. No pricing lists will ever be sent to you unless requested.

What if I want my family in the portraits?
IPH sessions are only intended for the fighting and surviving woman. If you’d like a family session, I would ask that you book a portrait session.

If you or someone you know is interested in setting up a session please let me know. Also, feel free to join the I Picture Hope Facebook page to find out more about this incredible cause and help us spread the word https://www.facebook.com/iPictureHope.

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