As an extrovert, I like to shoot in teams when I can, well this was the perfect opportunity to do that, several folks got together for a steampunk shoot done (my first ever).

This shoot came about following another model shoot with Andromeda where she asked to do another shoot with me. Of course my friend and photographer Mercedes made this shoot super fun as the other photographer!

Ooops Mercedes caught me shooting her adjusting Andromeda’s skirt!

Aaah in the next two shots she was in the zone so she did not see me.

I have to say there is nothing like a fantastic team of folks to have a fun shoot. Below are some of the behind the scenes shots.

The team pulling together to get the outfit on the model.

The fantastic make up artist and prop designer Javier Rivera getting make up on and showing how to wear those wings he designed.

Apparently we caused quite a stir because campus police decided to hang out with us while we shot, should have realized that the sword and gun props might have raised suspicions! However, we were well behaved so we were not hassled by the campus police.

Here are some of my favorite shots that resulted from all this hard work!

Andromeda was really easy to photograph even though she was wearing all of the costumes in 80 degree plus weather, she was a real trooper!

Model: Andromeda Ross
Model Mayhem: #1430088
Andromeda provided the costumes, black leather cufflets & the cameo

Props: Christenia & Co. by Elizabeth Ferguson
Elizabeth provided the corset and goggles with guns coming out of the lenses

Makeup and Costume Design: Javier Rivera, Steve Metze
Javier Rivera designed and created the wings, Steve Metze provided cane & sword, both guns, glasses with the magnifying pieces, and the rest of the goggles.

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  1. mercedes says:

    These are so great! I bet she loves them

  2. simi says:

    Thanks Mercedes!

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