I am so blessed to have been the one to shoot this proposal… Like I said in the preview, these are two of my favorite people in the world…

To get her up to the front of church I told her we needed photos in our Easter best so she never suspected!

She saw him pull the ring out of his pocket and she had to lean on him before he knelt to ask her because she was just that surprised! I am sooo glad I did not spill the beans.

She said yes while he was still kneeling down and he could not even get up before she said yes and planted one on him!

The news hit facebook as it was happening! With all the camera phones that were pulled out to get photos of these two. I distinctly remember one gentleman indicating that he had never seen a proposal live and what a blessing it was to have witnessed the proposal in church on Easter Sunday!

She had to keep her hand on his shoulder for support and she was quite pleasantly surprised.

By this point, all our friends had gathered to congratulate them!

I distinctly remember seeing a smile on Adam’s face that I have never seen before this point…. Love is in the air folks… they are getting married and the date is set for September!!!!

What a blessing it was to be their photographer for this precious memory!

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