I was so excited for my best friend who was proposed to after church.

I could hardly stand not jumping up screaming for joy at the thought that my best friend is going to be married to her person (he is a dear friend too)! I got the call the day before (from him) and was sooo giddy… I could hardly stand to act like stuff was ho hum and normal on our check in phone call. Whew, I did not give it away and am sooooo excited for her… hehe she is my best friend so I will be standing up with and not shooting the wedding… yipee, I have a wedding to plan with my best friend… could not have happened to a better couple!


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  1. Donna Ware says:

    I have prayed for this day for you Ms. J…some the headliners from Simi, sounds like you have connected with your soulmate…and we all say Our God is faithful…enjoy…enjoy…enjoy

  2. Donna Ware says:

    SoulMate pictures how awesome! Our God leads, directs and connects!

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